This page contains snapshots of my latest research and reflections on my work. Over some years they have begun to focus on sensory experiences and how I can translate those into illustrations.

My sensory illustrations research is culminating into a series of zines I am beginning to publish called ‘Sensory Manuals’. The manuals will aim to make my research journey clear and accessible to a wider audience. So watch this space to find out when the first manual will be released!

Onomatoepia Club collaboration with Fourtet: 

For further information about this piece (including a transcript of the visual description), visit the episode at Onomatoepia Club.

A sensory exchange (A-N Artist Bursary in progress with Nomoco and Studio FLAT)


In Search of Moss (research in ongoing progress)



The Land That Faces Away from the Sun (Tales from the Tundra) Illustration residency at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery

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