I believe in inclusivity and access for all, to all things, including creativity and my work. Alongside illustrating I work as an Access Consultant. Previously I worked as an Access Lead for Turf Projects where my studio was based, and for Shape Arts during the first Unlimited programme supporting disabled artists.

I’m neurodivergent, and co producer of a podcast that explores Neurodiversity in the creative industries. The podcast is called Square Hole and you can listen to the trailer and full series from this link: Square Hole Podcast.

I’m passionate about providing creative spaces that feel inclusive and representative, allowing messages to be communicated, debated and unpicked.

My illustrations on this website all include Alt Text.

Where I show film I will include a short audio description or transcript and if there is dialogue in the film I will include captioning.

Please contact me if you’d like more details about any of my work or would like information in another format.

Thanks for looking!

All images copyright of Jhinuk Sarkar 2023.