Hello! Welcome to Paperfig Illustration - all created by me, Jhinuk Sarkar.

Jhinuk / ঝিনুক or j(h)ee-nuk means ‘seashell’ in Bengali. And in case you were wondering, Paperfig is a type of seashell!

In brief:
I'm an Illustrator and Educator currently living in London. I use inks, printmaking, typography and digital tools in my practice, but occasionally dabble with other materials and tools like fabrics, animation and ceramics! I’m also passionate about using sensory experiences to fuel my ideas, and believe I can always learn and pay attention to be inclusive when collaborating and making my work accessible. I also provide Creative Access consultancy (see my ‘Access’ page for more details).

I’ve made a manifesto so I can explain the approach I use to making my work, which you can read [here], listen to [here] or view visually [coming soon here].

Contact me for a chat about any projects or commissions you’d like to discuss. Thanks for reading, I look forward to saying hello!

[Just so you know who you’re talking to, below are some pictures of me messing about at West Beach in Littlehampton].

Telephone: +44 (0) 7967 604 243
Email: jhinuksarkar@gmail.com 

                                                                                                                                                                      Photography by lornaallan.com

A bit more info if interested.....

I once had a cat Babbu - বাবু (‘little lord’) who was well loved but ran out of his nine lives early, and now I’ve adopted Bertie. Both like to look at me upside down. Cats are life.


I was born in Leicester (the Midlands, UK) from Indian parents who immigrated from Kolkata, West Bengal in the 70’s.  I studied Graphic Design & Illustration in Norwich School of Art & Design and Communication Design in Illustration Pathway at Central St Martins. I currently teach Illustration in higher education alongside my practice. 

I aim to use my own point of references from different cultures in my illustrations (being of Bengali heritage, having a British upbringing, loving music, depicting different senses of humour and understanding the world through languages). I’ve created illustrations for many different platforms, it’s what I love about Illustration. I’m experienced in editorials, education resources, websites, publishing, product packaging, advertising, tv, theatre sets, fabrics/fashion and interactive digital.

Clients have included: Channel 4 | Time Out London | Proximity London | Greater London Authority | Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery | Staffordshire Heritage & Archives | South London Gallery | Royal Academy of Arts | Courtauld Institute | Foundling Museum | University of the Arts London | Cadbury Research Library | Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration

Recent published work:

My current research interests lie in illustrating sensory experiences and moss....To find out more about my work download my CV.

If you're interested in my education and access work, you can find out more from my LinkedIn profile.

All images copyright of Jhinuk Sarkar 2023.